1. To popularize high tech apiculture (beekeeping) in Kerala and other states of India

2. To organize programs for the welfare and development of beekeeping

3. To generate employment opportunity in Apiculture to the unemployed youth and women for the rural development.

4. To undertake Research and Development (R&D) in apiculture.

5. To avail financial assistance from various organizations/ Government of Kerala /Government of India /quasi-government/local bodies and funding agencies abroad.

6. To involve in expansion of Apiculture by conducting Api-expos, seminars, workshops in India, or abroad with a view to popularizing Apiculture.

7. To encourage adoption of scientific Apiculture by supply of disease free bee colonies, bee health management, quality honey production and other hive products such as pollen, bees wax, bee venom, propolis and royal jelly.

8. To undertake training programs/ workshops for members and beginners in beekeeping about propagation, distribution, processing, packing, management and all other related activities in respect of quality honey and other by products.

9. To provide technical guidance and assistance to members on all aspects of Apiculture.

10. To maintain a system of “AGMARK” by grading the quality honey and other by products.

11. To promote cooperation among beekeepers and organizations of the state and Nation

12. Develop markets for honey and beekeeping products

13. Improve purposes relating to honey bees and beekeeping exclusively for its members and the general public.

14. To act as a liaison agency with individuals, institutions and other bodies, corporate or otherwise, for the furtherance of the objects of the FEDERATION.

15. To arrange for and provide financial assistance to the members for the production of quality honey.

16. To act as a Certification Agency for the issuance, to members and others, of certificates of quality, specifications, country of origin and such other matters as may be required by the trade related to honey and byproducts.

17. To act as a clearing houses for the trade/ transactions between the members.

18. To establish a library to stock and distribute, and to produce, edit, compile, print, publish and sell books, periodicals, brochures, pamphlets, scientific expositions and other literature relating to Apiculture for the benefit of members.

19. To acquire, hold, maintain and dispose movable and immovable properties and assets for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the FEDERATION.

20. To co-operate, establish joint ventures and partnership with government, quasi government, non- government, commercial, industrial and other agencies interested in matters covered by the objectives of the FEDERATION.

21. To undertake all such activities as are not specifically mentioned about but are necessary for the wellbeing of the members or the furtherance of other objectives of the FEDERATION.

22. To establish a College, School, Institution or R&D organization with the accreditation of University of Kerala/ India/ abroad.